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“There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes.”  - Pablo Picasso


In 2014, a team of researchers and art historians revealed that they had made a surprising discovery. Beneath "The Blue Room" (a piece painted by Picasso in 1901) was a mysterious hidden portrait. Conservators had suspected the existence of this secret painting for decades, but it was not until recently that technology was powerful enough to detect it. As technology advanced, scientists were able to study the suspicious shifts in pigment and texture, culminating in the confirmation of a second painting.


Rendered horizontally across the canvas, this painting depicts the portrait of a bearded, bow-tied man resting his head on his hand. Conservators believe that this painting was completed shortly before "The Blue Room", when a teenaged Picasso did not yet have the funds to support his prolific practice.

Like "The Blue Room", which conceals a hidden image beneath its surface layer of blue tones, Blue Room Research possesses the ability to unearth invaluable insights lurking beneath the surface of tourism data and market dynamics. Just as keen observers can uncover the obscured details in "The Blue Room" by examining it closely, Blue Room Research’s expertise lies in meticulously analyzing vast amounts of information to reveal hidden patterns, trends, and consumer behaviors that are not immediately apparent. Just as the discovery of the hidden image in "The Blue Room" reveals new layers of meaning and a deeper appreciation for Picasso's artistic vision, Blue Room Research’s findings provide DMOs with a fresh perspective on their destinations. By delving beneath the surface, we uncover profound insights into visitor preferences, market segments, and emerging trends, allowing our clients to understand the nuanced wants and needs of travelers. And much like the hidden image in "The Blue Room" transforms the viewer's perception of the painting, Blue Room Research’s insights have the power to transform the strategies and decisions made by destinations.

By shedding light on previously unnoticed opportunities, untapped markets, and effective marketing approaches, we empower our clients to reimagine their destinations and unlock their full potential. Ultimately, both the hidden image in "The Blue Room" and Blue Room Research’s insights represent the transformative nature of exploration and discovery. By peering beneath the surface and uncovering hidden treasures, DMOs can embark on a journey of growth and success, creating vibrant destinations that captivate visitors and leave a lasting impact on surrounding communities.


Destinations that are ready to break the mold.
Destinations that are hungry to grow and make their mark.

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